Welcome to the official site of Johnny Jaffacake! The UK’S top children’s entertainer.

Johnny’s parties are 100% children focused to keep the children happy, laughing, excited and exhausted by the end of a fantastic party, that they will always remember.

Johnny Jaffacake’s combines everything a perfect children’s party needs:

Hilarious and amazing magic show’s – a perfect blend of colour, comedy and illusions that has the children in fits of laughter, screaming in disbelief and blown away by a final magical outcome.

Balloon bending… on another level, whether the birthday child loves minions, super heros, frozen, Johnny Jaffacake can make anything (literally) so the little star of the party gets their dream balloon prize.

Disco and bubble parties – Playing the best from the current charts so all the children can have a crazy dance off winning loads of cool prizes but it doesn’t stop there! If the kids are going crazy enough we turn on the ‘’Bubble monster’’ a bubble machine that pumps out thousands of bubbles high into the air that the children then have to try and pop! All of our bubble machines have drip guards to prevent the floor from becoming slippery.

Game shows – Johnny has a massive arsenal of games that are all awesome! Whether the kids want to play a classic like musical statues or something summery like limbo, he has something for everyone!

Please check out the rest of the show packages to find out what other awesome services we can provide for your childs best. Party. EVER!

Areas covered – Nofolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex, London, Lincolnshire.

Please contact us for more information or ring us on 01603492161 or mobile 07766835158


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