The 2 Hour Best Kids Disco In Town Party
with magic, balloons, mini disco, party dances and games

This party is designed for those children who just love to dance! Featuring a mini disco specially aimed at younger children – they get the experience of as just a disco can be too much as they can lose interest
and get tired so the best kids disco in town is perfect for them as they get the experience of a disco but broken up with entertainment so to keep there interest for the whole party

The show is in two half’s. The first 45 min’s is party dancing, games and disco

A 30 min break for the party food and drink (or just a general break)

The second 45 min’s started with a short magic show to let there food settle and then the proper disco with all the songs the children know and love and will dance the rest of the party to! At the end of the party all the children receive a balloon model.

The 2 and a half Hour Extreme disco party!
(6 yrs and up) (games disco balloons & prizes)

Our Disco party takes care of all the entertainment for the kids so you can sit back and watch them tire themselves out dancing to there favourite songs as the disco light flash away or playing fun games and winning great prizes.

We can also supply a fantastic bubble machine that floats out thousands of bubbles, A smoke machine which enhances the disco lights and these are at no extra cost.

At our kids disco we play all the children’s favourites songs to have them up on there feet and having a brilliant time

The first hour is party dances which johnny demonstrates so the children can learn the dances and games with amazing balloon sculptors to be won!

We give you a 30 min break

The last hour is the full disco

The Neon Package (8 yrs and up)

This party is for the kids who are to old for the normal children’s party,
Turn the lights down low and get ready for the UV lights to glow up.

With this package we supply a proper disco suitable for that age with special effect lighting and a bubble machine, you can also add on the snow machine! We play up to date chart music as well as the old favourites.

Disco games are provided like limbo! Which is great fun for any age. We have many giveaways such as glow sticks and other flashing merchandise to keep the dance floor full.

Any special playlists we try our hardest to cater for just send us your playlist to give us plenty of time to find your special songs.


Adult Disco (16 yrs and up)

Please contact us for more information or ring us on 01603492161 or mobile 07766835158